Are you trying to think of games that your kids can play in a bouncy castle? Here are some ideas why it’s worth it to invest in a bouncy castle and how so many games can be incorporated while enjoying the bounce. 

  1. Animal Bounce: Animal bounce is a game that can be interesting, fun and funny for both children and adults. The way to do the game is to assign every participant with an animal and each participant will then jump if their assigned animal is called. The twist is to jump like the animal assigned to them! Exciting right? 
  2. Race with Egg and Spoon: This game of racing with an egg in a spoon is a difficult task when you are trying to race your peers in an unbalanced surface. However, the twist of running in a bouncy platform and having much of a harder time balancing the egg in the spoon gives it a bit more fun for every kid that participates. Surely, laughs will be everywhere! 
  3. Waiter Race: Just like how your kid’s balance is challenged in the game of racing while balancing an egg in a spoon, the waiter race is just as complicated or maybe even more. The thing is the more difficulty leads to more funny moments and laughs. The way to do the game is to group the participants and have them race while holding a tray with a glass filled with water and not spilling any of the water in the process. This may be a game that is more manageable when doing it in a platform that is steady but for sure doing it in a bouncy platform doubles the fun. 
  4. Dance and Freeze: Dance and freeze is just as it sounds. When the music is on the participants should dance and when it turns off then the participant should freeze or not make a move, not even bat an eye. Maybe the eye part and the smiling is difficult when doing it the traditional way, however doing this in a bouncy castle will surely give a twist to the game. Dancing in a bouncy castle not only means moving the body but moving the bouncy castle as well, however when it comes to stopping your body from dancing is a different story. When stopping from a bounce in a castle, everyone does not stop at the same time so for sure, there will still be a wave of bounce left on the castle, now that keeps the game more interesting! 
  5. Volleyball: Any ball game that involves jumping is surely more fun when done in a bouncy platform. It will add up to the difficulty while adding a bit more fun and laugh to the game. In this play of volleyball while in a bouncy platform, make sure you jump your highest and throw your hardest! 

These are just some games you could play when you do it in a bouncy castle. If you have any ideas you can add, you can freely do so. A bouncy platform is enough to give a little bit of twist to the game you thought was easy before. If ever you want to up your game, do it in a bouncy platform. Bouncy castles Liverpool will help in your bouncy castle needs! Call them now and book your appointment!